Tables Not Found

The web interface has connected to the database, but could not find any tables generated by LiteBans.
This means that the plugin has not successfully connected to this database before with the same configuration.
LiteBans needs to be connected to this database before the web interface can display anything!

- Check that LiteBans has successfully connected to a MySQL database using /litebans info
- Ensure that the plugin is using the MySQL driver to connect to the database. (In config.yml, replace "driver: H2" with "driver: MySQL")
- The web interface is connected to localhost. If LiteBans and the web interface are both connected to localhost, they should not be hosted on two separate servers.
- Ensure that the table prefix is the same in config.yml and settings.php. The table prefix in settings.php is currently set to "litebans_".
- Ensure that you are using the latest version of LiteBans.

Try Again