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    Bugs & other issues

    Post any server bugs or issues here.
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    A Offline Mode/Cracked Minecraft Server Explained

    A cracked, or offline-mode server is a server run with offline mode triggered to false in the file. It's seen in the properties file as this: "online-mode=false". You've probably heard of it, but a lot of people don't know exactly what it does. What is difference exactly...
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    Guide - Register Or Login On A Cracked Server In MINECRAFT

    Open your cracked Launcher. Insert the UserName you want to register with on the server. Press Play or Connect When in chat window type /register pz454545 (change above pz454545 into your own password and write it down. You are now registered with the userName you have successfully made...
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    Guidline for new Minecraft players

    Today i would like to talk about new people to Minecraft about rules on servers. Rule 1: When you go on the server say you are new so the staff will know you don't know Minecraft that well and might make mistakes. Rule 2: Don't greif (destroy other peoples stuff) at all! Even if you see an...
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    How to not get banned

    If you keep getting banned or kicked on servers then you should read this... IDOLING: Usually if you have a rude username like "boobs" of "motherfuckingretard" then you will be kicked for IDOLING. After getting kicked you should NOT go back onto the server until you have changed your username...
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    What is PVP

    PvP describes fighting among player. There are different versions of PvP that you might encounter within different games: Duels - this is the lightest form of PvP as it generally requires both parties to agree to the fight and the possible repercussions to your character are manageable. (No...
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    KingdomsMineMC Server IP

    Connect to: Play.KingdomsMineMC.Net
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    Terms and Conditions - TOS - Donations

    Terms and Conditions By Donating you accept the Terms and Conditions aswell as the server RULES: You agree that the PayPal account you use is yours and you are solely responsible to anything caused to it. There is a no-refund policy. No money back for any rank or perk. You may not...
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    Kingdoms+: How to Play

    I've stumbled across a lot of Questions from new Players that seemingly struggle to get into the overwhelming Spectrum of the Kingdoms Plugin This Topic is set up, to clear all possible Questions about the Kingdom Commands, and other things to know within the Kingdoms Plugin and it's...
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    Kingdoms+ Extra Guide

    Greetings, this guide is basically extra notes from @Admin 's guide. Finding A Base To begin, say /k create [Name] (or join one using /k join [Name] First, Explore far from spawn (at least 250 blocks away) Protecting Don't trust too many people, Never accept TPA's to you'r base, As a...
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    README (Read before posting)

    Ban appeal page has some rules that you must follow or otherwise you'll be warned. Please read the rules below to prevent yourself from any punishments. Breaking these rules several times can get you into a Forums Ban So watch out! 1.You are not allowed to post in someone else's ban appeal...
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    Ban Appeal Format

    In-Game Name: Ban Message: Ban Date: Apology: E.g. In-Game Name: _ShaoKahn_ Ban Message: Hacks detected! by Hex_26 Ban Date: 4/25/2017 (Time optional but better) 6:20 Apology: Sorry for the hacks i was just having a little fun with the hacks i completely forgot to not use them in this server...
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    Kingdoms Rebalancing and changes

    Changelog RP worth tweaked Logs are worth 8 items (1.6RP each) Iron ingots are worth 30 items (6RP each) Gold ingots are worth 35 items (7RP each) Emeralds are worth 20 items (4RP each) Diamonds are worth 100 items (20RP each) Turret costs raised arrowturret: 400rp nexustower: 300rp...
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    Player commands for Kingdoms on KingdomsMineMC

    Player commands for Kingdoms on KingdomsMineMC
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    Base defense & design

    Base defense & design
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    Turrets and how to maximize their efficiency

    Non-offense turrets like heal turrent won't be covered. Just starting info: Unarmored = wearing no armor to wearing unenchanted iron armor Well armored = wearing enchanted iron armor to lightly enchanted diamond armor Heavily armored = wearing beastly diamond armor with over level 3 protection...
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    General Kingdoms guide

    General Kingdoms gameplay guide. Know that retarded base you're about to make? Read this first. Here's some tips and "Don't dos" for Kingdoms. These will help to prevent yourself from getting raided. If you have something to add, comment, and I may add it if it's reasonable. Base area First...
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    Server Registration

    Registration is almost in every cracked minecraft servers. Which is not generated normally by the server itself after creating it. Almost all the premium servers don't use this feature as in premium mode you need to know someone's Mojang Minecraft Username and password...
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    General Commands

    All the servers have commands given to their normal users (Non Donators / Staff) by default. So here we're going to check some commands. Some of these commands aren't available in minigames servers. However you can still see a list of the commands in any servers using /help /spawn - Teleports...
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