A Offline Mode/Cracked Minecraft Server Explained


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Jul 19, 2019
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A cracked, or offline-mode server is a server run with offline mode triggered to false in the server.properties file. It's seen in the properties file as this: "online-mode=false".
You've probably heard of it, but a lot of people don't know exactly what it does.

What is difference exactly?

Normally, by default, the properties file has it set to true. What setting it to false does: Is it turns off user-name authentication through Mojang. Normally, when you log into a public server, you don't directly connect to it first, instead it runs your account through Mojang's authentication servers. This determines if you're using a paid Minecraft account, and if you are, it lets you proceed, and you connect to the Minecraft server.

Running a server in offline-mode turns this username authentication off. This way, you don't need a paid account to play, instead, you can use the. This is accessible when you're using the launcher, if you don't enter an account, or if you can't connect to the Mojang servers, it says "Login Failed", or some other error, and gives you the option to play in offline mode. From here, you can choose to play Single player. Normally you can't play Multiplayer, but if you have some offline-mode server IPs handy, you can connect to them and play multiplayer!

However, if you simply use Minecraft's Offline mode, to log into a server also in offline mode, it will simply use the Username "Player". This will also prevent other people using the Minecraft Offline mode from connecting, because they'll just have the "Player" ID as well. Some Bukkit servers fix this, however. But maybe you want to use your name. You can still log into any offline-mode server with your paid account, and it works just fine. There is however, another solution: There's "cracked" clients/launchers specifically designed to log onto offline servers. They can provide a username, that the offline mode server will use to ID you, instead of the "Player" that the normal Minecraft sends.

There's another huge advantage to this setting- the ability of users being able to login to your server isn't affected at all by the status of Mojang's services. For example: if Minecraft.net is down(and it is a lot) people can't login to normal, online-mode=true public servers until it's up again. However, when online-mode is set to false, logging in doesn't run you through Minecraft.net at all, you just connect straight to the server. And it means that while other public servers are down, offline mode servers still work like a charm.

There's a Bukkit plugin that protects people's gameplay sessions under a certain name, and what it does is that it spawns you, usually in a spawn or enclosed area, and you can't build or play until you create a password under the Username you're using, or entered the password for the username you're using. It doesn't use the passwords from Minecraft paid accounts, it's the server's own authentication system separate from Mojang's.
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