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Jul 19, 2019
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General Kingdoms gameplay guide.
Know that retarded base you're about to make? Read this first.

Here's some tips and "Don't dos" for Kingdoms. These will help to prevent yourself from getting raided. If you have something to add, comment, and I may add it if it's reasonable.

Base area
First, when you find a spot after /rtp, DON'T JUST WALK A FEW BLOCKS AND START BUILDING.
Why? Because /rtp is a collection of a few warp points. People can find your base if they do /rtp and walk a few blocks. Always continue walking after each /rtp.

Base overflows land
You always wanted that base? Then you claim 1 patch of land, then the next day.. you realise half your base was griefed by noobs, while the other half was okay? Why is that? It's simple. If you can't afford to claim a lot of land to cover your base's land area, build your base within your land. A good method is to claim land first, then build the base within the land claim.

Base Type
Sometimes you may ask. Which is the best? Skybase? Underground base? The Great Mansion/Fortress of Stepping and Pride?
Well. My preference is underground. But the safer options are skybase and underground base. If you REALLLY need that giant fortress, make sure you have a strong champion, and have turrets EVERYWHERE and surround your land with a pit of death.

Sometimes I see people upgrading weird stuff. They forgot what defends their land, and you see a Factions style obsidian/water base to prevent tnt and ONLY tnt. Well, time for me to remind you. YOUR CHAMPION defends your land. You need to make your champion strong, or you get raided. Simple concept isn't it? Very simple. So.. what early upgrades are the best? Always get these upgrades first:

  • DRAG
  • Maximum speed level
  • Maximum resistance level
  • Maximum weapon
  • Health
  • Thor
  • Mock (4-10)
They beef up your champion by a big amount.
If you really can't afford it, then get maybe DRAG, 60% resistance, level 1-2 speed and maybe 500-1000 health. Remember, health may seem insignificant, but even fully armed gappled D++ monsters have a hard, boring time trying to kill a zombie with 2048 health, and a drag capability.
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