Guidline for new Minecraft players


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Jul 19, 2019
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Today i would like to talk about new people to Minecraft about rules on servers.

Rule 1: When you go on the server say you are new so the staff will know you don't know Minecraft that well and might make mistakes.

Rule 2: Don't greif (destroy other peoples stuff) at all! Even if you see an abandoned building and decide to destroy it because it is abandoned Admins can see everything and YOU WILL BE BANNED!

Rule 3: Don't ask for any help unless you don't know how to craft items or you don't know the rules you shouldn't ask for any items or to be an opp because they will find it anoying or will ban you!

Rule 4: Try to avoid people on the server you don't like by going far from spawn if there are pvp people but if you don't like pvp i would recommend going to a no-pvp server instead of doing that unless you really like that server.

Rule 5: Read the rules carefully because you never know that if you want to build something and it's not allowed.

Rule 6: Try to have fun on the server and try to stay out of trouble and if you stay on the server long enough you might become something if you follow these tips and stay loyal to the server!

Griefing is allowed.
You should always ask for help. Better pester people to understand how to player, rather than stay a noob and rot. Unless its repetitive, and the asker is being blind.
You can build like anything. Even if it's some retarded sick object. Just make sure it isn't in HD quality kind of build.
"stay out of trouble" is in nobody's vocabulary in the server lol. Everyone's gonna be raided someday.
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