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Jul 19, 2019
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I've stumbled across a lot of Questions from new Players that seemingly struggle to get into the overwhelming Spectrum of the Kingdoms Plugin

This Topic is set up, to clear all possible Questions about the Kingdom Commands, and other things to know within the Kingdoms Plugin and it's Mechanics.

Basically you got to decide first; if you were planning to create a own Kingdom, or if you are just looking for another already existing Kingdom to join.
This Guide is mostly about the Creation of a own Kingdom.

For those just looking for a Guide to build a own Kingdom -> Scroll down to Step 1

But just in case, that you were curious about Joining a Kingdom -
Here's a little Sidenote to that:

Joining a Kingdom is fairly simple.
The only requirement for that is a Invitation from your desired Kingdom to play with.

Ask the King*/Mod* of the Kingdom you want to be part in, if you might be allowed to join.
Side Information: Being kind and ask nicely works out the best.

To figure out who's King or Mod in a Kingdom, you'll need the following Command:
/k show [Kingdomname]

This Command will lead to the following Display:

An possible Invitation will be displayed like this:

All you got to do afterwards is to join the Kingdom by the following Command:
/k join [KingdomName]

For those who lead a Kingdom, without knowledge about how to Invite people - Scroll to the End of that Guide.

Step 1: (Discovering a good Place/Location to Settle at)
First of all you'll need to travel around for a spot that suits your Perception for your future Kingdom.
This can be done by either leaving the Spawn Zone manually, by heading towards each cardinal direction, except North (North will lead you to the PvP Arena)

Or by simply using the /rtp Command in Chat.
This will teleport you to a random Spot in the Wilderness, where you'll be able to break/place Blocks, and also settle a Kingdom at.
Side Information: Visible Locations/Buildings above the ground-> are easier to be located by other People.
Considering the fact that Kingdoms is about Raiding and Invading other Kingdoms - you might want to hide underneath the visible Surface and build somewhere Underground.

But that decision is up to you.

Once you found your desired Spot to start a Kingdom at you'll be able to head on to the next Step.

Step 2: (Creating a Kingdom)
Congrats! You obviously discovered a desirable Spot that suits your Perceptions for your future Kingdom.

Now you got to get Things started by the following Commands:
/K create [Kingdomnameofyourchoice]

This should lead to a red Ingame Message in the Chat, that Displays your recent Creation of a new Kingdom.

Once that's done, you're an official Owner of a Kingdom.
But only having a Kingdom created, doesn't make you an Kingdom Hero.

So better head on to the next step!

Step 3: (Claiming Land)
Claiming Land is the Foundation (besides the Creation of a Kingdom) for every Kingdom.

Without Land, you wont be able to do the further Steps and maybe become a successful Kingdom Owner.

Claiming Land is fairly easy and can be done with the following Command:

This Command instantly converts 1 Chunk of the Map to your Kingdom Territory.
Afterwards you should get that ingame Notification in Chat:

Side Information1: 1 Chunk equals the Dimension of 16x16 Blocks
Side Information2: Each Chunk requieres 5 RP (Resource Points)
(Every created Kingdom starts off with 5 RP for that first Claim)

People out of your Kindom wont be able to Place/Break Blocks, or Interact with Functional Blocks (Such as Doors/Levers/Buttons/Fences etc) within that Area of your claimed Land.

So make sure that you only build within the 16x16 Area, otherwise people won't have hard time to get into your Kingdom Territory.

If you question yourself at that point: "How do I know if I'm still in my Claimed Area to prevent that?"
The Answer is quite simple:

The Game Mechanics gonna display a colored Text above your Item Hotbar with the following Text: "Entering [Kingdomname]."

Or in case of leaving the claimed Area by "Entering Unoccupied Land".
Otherwise read the Chat, it'll also leave a Notification about Entering/Leaving Territory.

Step 4: (Placing a Nexus)
The Nexus is the Core of every Kingdom.
Everything within the Kingdom Plugin turns around that Functional Block.
So I probably don't have to mention, that you better keep that so called Nexus secured, or do I?

To place that so called Nexus, you'll need a command - Once again

The Command you need in that case is :
(quite obvious and easy, isn't it?)

The following Rightclick will replace ANY Block you aim at, with the Nexus.
So make sure that you don't place it at the location of a Block that you actually wanted to keep - Because it'll be gone, forever!

But the Chat will leave a Notification about the "Risks" aswell.

Your Kingdom Scaffolding/Foundation is now completely established.

Just Rightclick the Nexus once it's placed, to open the Kingdom Nexus Menu.

Step 5: (Inviting Players to your Kingdom)
Inviting Players to your Kingdom will be done with the following Command:
/k invite [PlayerName]
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