Kingdoms Rebalancing and changes


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Jul 19, 2019
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  • Changelog
    • RP worth tweaked
      • Logs are worth 8 items (1.6RP each)
      • Iron ingots are worth 30 items (6RP each)
      • Gold ingots are worth 35 items (7RP each)
      • Emeralds are worth 20 items (4RP each)
      • Diamonds are worth 100 items (20RP each)
    • Turret costs raised
      • arrowturret: 400rp
        nexustower: 300rp
        flameturret: 500rp
        pressuremine: 10rp
        chemicalmine: 10rp
        healingstation: 100rp
        psionictotem: 1000rp
        soldierspawner: 1500rp
        hellfireturret: 600rp
        heatbeamturret: 1000rp
    • Turret upgrade costs raised to 5000rp each
    • Turret per land limit lowered a lot
      • arrowturret: 10
        nexustower: 0
        flameturret: 10
        pressuremine: 10000
        chemicalmine: 10000
        healingstation: 50
        psionictotem: 5
        soldierspawner: 2
        hellfireturret: 5
        heatbeamturret: 3
    • Turret range and damage buffed heavily. All turrets have a range of >15
    • Mines will do more damage
    • Champion upgrade costs raised by a lot
    • Warppad cost decreased a lot
    • Claim cost is 100, invade cost is 50
    • Champion max upgrade level buffed a lot, champion sword can have sharp 20, and Thor can deal 20 damage, so the champion can probably face a player head on.
    • Champion health max reduced to 1224
    • Champion Determination upgrade enabled, max is 1500
    • Extractor now costs 700rp, extractor yields lesser, at 100 RP/day (Meaning 7 days to replenish cost of extractor)
    • Bombshards upgrade enabled by default
    • Beginner shield is extended to 5 days

  • Objectives
    • Changes were made to make RP gain slower, and upgrading a kingdom to max take longer
    • Beginner shield extended to stimulate growth at early stages
    • Changes were made to Rp exchange in an attempt to reduce dependency on tree farms, and more on ores
    • Extractor less OP, so as to have a legit waiting time before it begins giving profits
    • Claim costs raised and invade costs became lower than claim costs to stimulate invading, and also less excessive land use
    • Turret cost increase and buffs are made to try and reduce turret spam, and make turrets more of Area control units
    • Determination and champion hp nerf was introduced, as Champion invasions just took unnecessarily long with an undisputable outcome. Maxed Champion was also buffed to make it a match for a max player's equipment
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