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Jul 19, 2019
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Ban appeal page has some rules that you must follow or otherwise you'll be warned. Please read the rules below to prevent yourself from any punishments.
Breaking these rules several times can get you into a Forums Ban So watch out!

1.You are not allowed to post in someone else's ban appeal. Comments are not allowed in any ban appeal pages except if you're the banned person.

2.Posting short and idiotic apologies wont get you anywhere... like "pl0x me no did nothing plz unbanned me"

3.Do not post 2 topics for your ban appeal.

4.Keep bumping your ban appeal topic every 24h instead of posting on other sections and pm'ing staff or bother them in forums chat. You'll be warned if you bump your topic less than 24h. Bump your plugin with a "Bump" message and that is all fine.

5.You are not allowed to login using any other accounts or while you're banned. Otherwise you'll be permanently banned from the server.

6.You can't make a ban appeal for other people. Otherwise your post will be deleted and ignored.

7.You are not allowed to post a ban appeal if you're banned more than 5 times. Otherwise your post will be deleted and ignored.

8.Saying that someone else logged in as your account is not allowed. You could register your username in-game and prevent yourself from being hacked. This isn't going to help you...

9.Saying that it was one of your friends or family doing this is not allowed. You/Your Friend/Your Family Or whoever did this he used your computer.

10.Insulting staff won't get you any where except a nice permanent ban.
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