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Jul 19, 2019
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Registration is almost in every cracked minecraft servers. Which is not generated normally by the server itself after creating it. Almost all the premium servers don't use this feature as in premium mode you need to know someone's Mojang Minecraft Username and password.

Note: Steve isn't same as STEVE or STeve or stEVE. Be careful with what username you're taking.

Registering Your Username:

  • /Register <password> OR /reg <password>
  • /register <password> <confirmpassword> OR /reg <password> <confirmpassword>

Note: Most of the servers uses <confirmPassword> feature for more security. This feature is for players to not forget their password. Or to check if they entered the correct password they wanted.
Note: Some servers doesn't force registering in their server. like our server. But for your own security for god sake please register your username.
Note: Most of the servers only allow 2 usernames to be registered. Like our server. Watch out that some servers doesn't put any limit but they have it in their rules!

If you lost your password you can contact me right in this forums but all the requests will not be accepted.
After that you registered your username to the server... you will have to login later with the password you used before in your registration process.

  • /login <password> OR /l <password>
Note: Some servers will save your login session so it'll be easier for you to login.

What login session does is to take your IP once you logged in successfully. After a specified time set by the server you're able to join the server without logging in again. If your IP changes and you join the server the login session will be expired! We don't use this in our server for more security
Note: Never try to login as other users as you'll be punished.
Note: Rarely, some servers uses email address authorization for their server which is somehow same as web registering. This feature is very rarely used.

  • /reg example563 example563
  • /l example563

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