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Jul 19, 2019
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Ban Appeals

If you are reading this, there is a high chance that you are banned or you are just checking out the ban appeals section. So if you are banned or get banned, please read through this entire post or there is a very high chance your appeal will be rejected and declined.

Our system works as the following: Once a player is banned, they then have the chance to make a ban appeal. Once the appeal has been made with the correct format, they then must wait for the admin/mod who banned them to read and process the appeal. Only the mod/admin who banned the player can process it, so don't even think about crying to another admin or your appeal will be closed.

To post a ban appeal it must first be correctly formatted or your post will be ignored. So please follow the below format.

  • The title of your Post must be as following: "player name - ban message - staff name". So if your name is "jimmy" and your ban message is "Griefing a house -flak" your title should be "Jimmy - Griefing a house -flak". The staff name is very important.
  • In-game name:
  • Date Last Active:
  • Today's Date:
  • Ban Message:
  • Apology:

Things that can't be appealed.
Not every offense can be appealed so read through the the list of things that can't be appealed.

  • Xraying
  • Mass spamming
  • Attempting to hack the server.
We go through a lot of ban appeals and if you want to get unbanned, don't even think about using the following excuses or your post will be closed.

  • "I don't know why i am banned, i have done nothing wrong." You would not be banned if you did nothing wrong. Also we have heard this plenty of times:
  • "My brother/sister/aunt/uncle/cousin/billy bob/ president did it and I don't deserve to be banned." It gets you no where.

Here is what not to do.
Doing the following may result in a permanent ban:

  • PM staff with your ban request or for status on your ban request.
  • Bother staff about ban requests or for status updates on the "chat" section of the forums
  • Constantly ask about your ban request.
  • Talk shit to the mods/admins that hold your appeal in their hands.
  • Lie.
  • Make multiple posts about your ban.
  • DO NOT attempt to pit one of us against the other. It won't work. We will all just be unified in kicking your ass out.
  • Posting a fake account name to remove a IP ban (It will not work and will be declined).
  • Bump your post within 24h.
  • Log into game on another account (ban evading)!
Final notes.
So if you have read through the post and your appeal is correctly formatted, then you should get an admin response within 24h.
If you are still 100% sure you have done nothing wrong, we can extend our investigation, however if you have done something against the rules this investigation will surely uncover it.
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