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Jul 19, 2019
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Terms and Conditions

By Donating you accept the Terms and Conditions aswell as the server RULES:

You agree that the PayPal account you use is yours and you are solely responsible to anything caused to it.

There is a no-refund policy. No money back for any rank or perk.

You may not mis-use your perk, rank.

You rank will expire at the end of each year. Or at the time period given for the specific rank.

The Owners/Admin's of the server have the right to remove your rank at any time if you are mis-using it.

If you are banned you still do not get a refund as you accepted the rules by donating.

If the server suddenly stops and it has been officially announced on THIS website that it has closed down, you will still not get a refund.

If you fail to read this and you still donate you will not get a refund for ANY reason
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