Welcome to KingdomsMineMC!


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Jul 19, 2019
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Welcome to KingdomsMineMC!

We are an Incredible Faction-Like Cracked Server with a constantly growing Playerbase and capable Staff Members to maintain a lag-free Gaming Experience 24/7 on a whole new Level.

KingdomsMineMC isn't a new Cracked Server at all. It was first Launched in 2011 as a Faction Server and tested serveral different Plugins until now- to finally get settled with Kingdoms.

And not only that!

KingdomsMineMC is the #1 Cracked Launcher around the Globe!

What we Offer:

  • Awsome Donator Ranks (All of them Include /gamemode 1 and other commands
  • Our own supremely functional Cracked Minecraft Launcher
  • A lovely Community
  • 24/7 Uptime
  • Friendly/Helpful Staff Members
  • A Forum for Suggestions/Questions/Guides/Tutorials and so on
  • Equal Chances for every Player
  • A whole new Gaming Experience thanks to the new awsome Kingdom Plugin

And that isn't the whole deal yet!

We offer the Chance of being involved in Improvements about the Plugin based on our Players Suggestions

KingdomsMineMC is therefore working in close collaboration with the Creator and Publisher of the Plugins. We promise to continue improving the already intensely fun Kingdoms Plugin!

But enough of the Tease,

You might have asked yourself "What means Faction-Like?!" or "What is that so called KIngdom Plugin?!"

*We are currently running a Plugin called "Kingdoms"(can be found here) - It is fairly similar to Factions at the root. But It is actually more like an improved Version of Factions to be exact.

It offers serveral completely new Features to guarantee a whole new Gaming Experience in Minecraft, while keeping equal opportunities for anyone.

But enough of that, here are a couple Basic Informations in a direct Comparsion to the good old Faction Plugin:

Instead of the mostly used Ideology on Faction Servers: it isn't all about Money anymore.

Kingdoms is completely based on Resource Points. (These points are obtained by

converting regular Blocks) ~ Each 5 Blocks, equal in 1 RP.

These Points allow you to enable serveral Features such as purchasing Upgrades for the Kingdom, or Turrets.

Yes, you got that right. Kingdoms allows you to place Turrets to secure your base.

But that isn't the whole story yet!

Every Kingdom has a own Champion that Is about to fight anyone, who is trying to Invade your Territory.

And for sure, he can be upgraded aswell! Lifepoints, Damage, Damage Reduction, Regeneration and even more Features are possible to be improved or enabled to create a Kingdom of your Desires.

We could continue the List of possible Upgrade for quite a while. But you might just want to see them in action.

What are you waiting for? join our lovely Community already and experience Minecraft on a whole new Level!

Technical Details:

CPU: Intel Xeon E5-1650V3

Ram: 8x RAM 16384 MB DDR4 ECC reg.

HDD: 2x SSD SATA 240 GB Datacenter

Network: NIC 1 Gbit - Intel I210

OS: Linux Debian 10
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